Lungs are one of the important organs of our body and it is important to take good care to live a healthy life. The rapid change in modern lifestyle has a huge impact on the atmosphere we live in.

There are various factors because of which our lungs are exposed to the possibilities of damage and improper functioning. The environmental pollution caused by industrial smoke, vehicle smoke, burning of plastic material, etc. can cause deadly diseases and can damage our lungs completely. Living in such an atmosphere makes it more important to take care of our lungs to protect them from diseases and irregular functioning. And to give your lungs good care Bio Med’s lungs exerciser comes into the picture.

What is Bio Med’s Lung Exerciser?

Bio Med’s “Lung Exerciser” is a device that can be used by adults as well as children to make the lungs strong, strengthen the respiratory muscles, and increase lung volume.

This device or breather has a great impact on the respiratory system as it improves the negative and destructive impacts of neuromuscular diseases and strengthens the associated muscles with the process of breathing. This lung exerciser helps in practicing deeper breathing which further opens the airways and prevents fluids or mucus which builds up in the lungs.

Lung Exerciser prevents mucus build up and makes the breathing process easier.

What to know more about Bio Med’s lung exercisers?

  • Disposable and are single-patient use
    • Beneficial to develop, improve, and maintain respiratory health and fitness
    • Useful in restoring and maintaining the lung capacity of patients who suffer from lung diseases and infections
  • Air filters for enhanced protection

Why to use a lung exerciser?

If your breaths are not deep and are unusual from the regular breathing, that is because the air present in your lungs is not capable of moving and is incapable of clearing out any existing infections. In this case, your doctor or medical professional can suggest you to use a lung exerciser. When you inhale through Bio Med’s lung exerciser to exercise your lungs, the air gets into every corner of your lungs and helps in restoring your regular breath, and heals you from any existing infections or diseases. Your medical professional may also call it a spirometer.

Who needs to use a Lung Exerciser?

Breathing at a slow pace with a lung exerciser allows lungs to inflate completely. These breaths help to break up the fluid or mucus in the lungs, as if this mucus stays for a longer period it can cause diseases like pneumonia.

A lung exerciser is commonly given to people who’ve recently had surgery, or any lung disease, or people who are dealing with medical conditions that fill their lungs with fluid.

Here’s more information on who needs to use a Lung Exerciser and when?

  • After surgery. Lung exercisers can keep the lungs active during bed rest and provide ease in breathing to keep the lungs active.
  • Pneumonia.  Commonly used to break the mucus buildup that causes pneumonia.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a group of respiratory diseases that are most commonly caused by smoking. As of now, there’s no cure for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but with time treatment can slow the progress of the condition. Quitting smokingusing a lung exerciser, and following an exercise plan can help control symptoms.
  • Other conditions. A doctor may also recommend an incentive spirometer for people with lungs improper functioning.

How frequently I should use a lung exerciser?

One can use the lung exerciser as instructed by the nurse or doctor or any medical expert or professional.

What are the benefits of using Bio Med’s lung exerciser?

There are numerous benefits of using Bio Med’s Lung exerciser which aids in maintaining the overall health of your lungs. A lung exerciser keeps the lungs active during bed rest, which further lowers the risk of developing negative effects and complications like atelectasis, pneumonia, bronchospasm, respiratory failure, etc.

Some of the major benefits of using Bio Med’s lung exerciser are:

  • Helps to improve the overall functioning of the lungs
  • Helps in treating underlying lung diseases.
  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the body and increases the release of toxins
  • Strengthens the respiratory muscles
  • Helps to breathe deeply
  • Helps in keeping the lungs active and healthy
  • Helps in restoring and maintaining lungs post-surgery
  • Lowers the risk of lung infections etc.


Bio med’s lung exercise is a device that helps to strengthen the lungs.

The medical experts may advise taking a lung exerciser post-surgery. People dealing with conditions that affect the lungs, like COPD; can also use this lung exerciser to keep the lungs mucus free and healthy.

The lung exerciser is said to be beneficial in many ways to improve the overall health of your lung, gives you ease while breathing and treats existing lung infections simultaneously.

Along with using Bio Med’s lung exerciser, it is also recommended to follow good pulmonary hygiene with which you can take good care of your lungs, can avoid deadly diseases and improper functioning of the lungs.

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