Respiratory diseases, breathing issues and medical conditions related to the same demands care, attention and often some breathing and respiratory devices. Respiratory devices are helpful for the removal of mucus from the airways that improve pulmonary functions. Numerous healthcare equipments are easy to use and permit the client to appreciate a more elevated level of freedom its applicability.

There are respiratory devices that have been offered developed hugely over ongoing years. What’s more, there is a variety of respiratory infections that could be benefited by the applicability of these devices listed below:


The nebulizer mask helps to administer the medication efficiently, keeping the stream of mist consistent and focused until the proper dosage has been given. It has a special designed nebulizer chamber with nebulization rate of approximately 3cc in 10 minutes. It’s applicable for single patient. It has adjustable elastic strip and integrated nose clip for proper positioning of mask.


Venturi Mask is a respiratory device to deliver a known oxygen concentration to patients on controlled oxygen therapy. It’s applicable for single patient but elongated for long term use. It is easy to adjust. The variable venture system ensures fixed & accurate concentrations of oxygen.


It’s a mask-like a device placed over the mouth and nose through which oxygen is supplied from an attached storage tank. One end of oxygen supply tubing with mask connector and other end with the source. It’s applicable for single patient use but elongated for long term use. It’s a clear and soft mask for patient comfort. It has an adjustable elastic strip and integrated nose clip for proper positioning of  mask.

Lung Exerciser

Lung Exerciser is used by adults and children to strengthen their respiratory muscles and increase lung volume. The breather improves the degenerative affects of neuromuscular disease on the respiratory system. It strengthens the muscles associated with breathing and can improve the cough effort and helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness. It’s applicable for single patient.

These products are respiratory protective equipments that are a form of personal protective equipment offered to protect the wearer from a variety of airborne hazards in the form of a gas, fume, mist, dust or vapour. These are easy to use healthcare disposable equipments which supports the patients having breathing and respiratory problems by offering oxygenation, airway management, measure breathing rate, and care to the respiratory patients.

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